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Remove dog stains from Carpet

Dogs and carpet: How to remove Mud and Dirt from your Carpet

Dogs may be 'man’s best friend' but they are not a carpet’s best friend! Read our tips on how to best maintain your carpet or rug with a dog in the house.

carpet stain removal how to remove carpet stains

How to Get Rid of the Top 3 Household Carpet Stains

How to remove stains from carpet? There are many carpet stain remover products on the market, but often these are not effective. Here are our top tips on how to get stains out of carpet.

rug cleaning new zealand

Specialist Rug Cleaning

Keep your expensive area rugs clean with JAE. The highly trained team at JAE offer specialist rug cleaning and stain removal for Oriental rugs, pure wool rugs, and synthetic blend rugs.

fabric protector wine spill fiberguard

Why do I need professional fabric protector?

Protect your upholstery with a professional fabric protector and ensure your furniture looks great for longer. Increase the lifetime of your furniture with Fiberguard® from JAE.

new zealand flooding

What to do in a flood

When water from a flood, natural disaster, burst pipe or other reason floods your home; here’s what to do to protect your home & contents in a flood emergency.

professional carpet clean in summer

Why clean your carpets after the summer holidays?

Why should you clean your carpets after the summer holidays? Sand, dirt, bugs like ticks and fleas, can be carried inside your home by you, the kids, pets, and visitors. Professional carpet cleaning ensures your home is fresh and hygienically clean.

How to get rid of rats in New Zealand

Spring's Restless Rodents - What you need to know about rats and mice.

Spring. The season of blooming flowers, new life, and sadly RATS! That’s right, along with warmer weather and longer days rodents seem to flourish in the spring. Read on to find out why these furry pests are such a problem in the spring-time.


Watch this Blast from the Past. 50+ Years of JAE Carpet Cleaning

The good old days. Carpets were patterned, neighbours were nosy, shorts were, well - short! Who doesn’t miss the 80’s! 50+ years of JAE. Have a laugh with us.

How to deal with a flood causing water damage in your home

Water damage. How to spot it, stop it and restore your home afterwards

Water damage in a home can be costly to fix, and a risk to your health if not dealt with quickly. If you are worried about your home being the victim of water damage, here's what to do!