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24/7 Nationwide Emergency Flood Restoration

In the event of a flood, JAE can act quickly to remedy affected carpets and furnishings. Utilising our innovative drying technology, we can often dry onsite in most cases. We restore saturated carpets and fabrics to their pre-loss condition wherever possible. JAE are also specialists in structural drying.

We’ve had years of experience restoring flooded buildings and we understand just how stressful these situations can be.

Flood Restoration Benefits

Fast Customer Service Response

Carpet and furnishings are sanitised, cleaned, deodorised, and treated for staining as efficiently as possible. Once dry, carpet and underlay is then re-laid, and any other restored items are returned to your home.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our clients is of utmost importance to us. All jobs start with a client induction to make them aware of any risks or hazards we are introducing into their home or business.

JAE Carpet Cleaning Van

JAE Aims to Restore Your Property Back to Original

JAE Technicians have been trained to the IICRC International Standard for Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD). These certifications require an understanding of construction materials and methods, knowledge of psychrometry and extensive practical training. We can then confidently assess an affected area, develop and implement a restoration plan and ensure your home is dried to the correct standard.

We make use of specialised extraction, drying and moisture measurement equipment to dry carpets, walls, wall cavities, and hardwood flooring.

As a preferred supplier to NZ’s largest insurance companies, we work to strict Service Level Agreements that will give insurance clients peace of mind that their claim is being handled by a professional team that are experts in their field.

Water Damage Restoration Process

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1. Initial Assessment

A JAE Certified Water Damage Restoration Technician will assess the damage at your property.

Advanced moisture mapping technology is used to determine the best method of restoration.

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2. Water Extraction

All excess water must be removed before drying can take place.

Your furniture will be moved and assessed to ensure it is not damaged in the process.

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3. Drying

With the use of our advanced drying equipment, water is evaporated, then condensed to remove it from your property.

To ensure the process works quickly and effectively, all equipment is monitored and must be left on at all times.

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4. Monitor & Relay

Throughout the process, we will be around regularly to monitor the progress.

Once the carpet is dry, we will relay your carpet and move your furniture back in place.

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5. Restoration Complete

If you need any help or have any questions along the way, let us know and ‘We’ll take care of it’.

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We'll take care of it!

When a major flood event hits it's all hands on deck! We work hard to assist our fellow NZ’ers in dealing with flooding throughout the country.

We'll diverted our JAE Technicians from around the country to the regions they are most needed and will increased our JAE back-office support to assist with the extra workload.

As a preferred supplier to NZ largest Insurers, JAE work in partnership to manage your claim and to assist with the restoration process. Your Insurance company will have specific details on how to submit a claim and what you can do in the meantime to assist with the process.

For some general guidelines please visit the ICNZ Website.

What you can do

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first thing to do after a flood has damaged my home?
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In all cases of flooding, first, ensure that your family is safe. Localised home flooding may be caused by an in-house water leak, like a burst pipe or a leaking appliance. Check if the house is safe, are there electrical hazards or sagged ceilings at risk of falling? Turn off the water supply to the house if unable to isolate the leak. If it's a local leak, organise a plumber to attend to it. When flooding is caused by an external event, such as extreme weather events, overflowing waterways, a natural disaster, or even overflowing city sewers or storm drains, turn off the electricity supply. Ring your Insurance Company and JAE straight away. When external floodwaters have crossed your property, be aware of the following: The flood water may have affected your septic tank and effluent disposal field. If gully traps are over-flowing or your toilets are not working properly, you should not use the toilets until the problem is resolved. Rather use alternative toilets, i.e. public toilets if there are any nearby, portaloos or portable chemical toilets. If the flood water has not subsided yet, be sure to wear protective clothing, like rubber boots and gloves. You will not only be wading through the water itself, but you will also be walking through whatever the water has come into contact with, including chemicals, sewage, garbage and debris. Flood water can be highly contaminated or even toxic. You will not always be able to see these contaminants or hazards, so it is important to wear protective gear. Do not touch your mouth or nose with your gloves or hands or anything that has been in contact with the water as the water may be polluted with bacteria, mould, or chemical substances that can be harmful to your health. Safety is always more important than salvaging household items, so be wise as you assess the structural integrity of your property. Before you start removing the water or arranging for clean-up from a house flood, thoroughly document all flood damage with pictures and/or video. Include pictures of structural and property damage as well as household items and furnishings that have been damaged or destroyed. This will assist your insurance adjuster in making an accurate assessment of your loss. JAE has all the equipment and experience needed to remove floodwater and restore your home and its contents to pre-flood conditions.

Do you communicate with my insurance company regarding a claim?
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Yes, we communicate continuously with the Insurance Company until the work is completed. Reports are sent to your insurance company (sometimes daily), and they will receive a complete update of how your flood is progressing. We are also in constant contact with Loss Adjusters as well as the builders who attend to the repairs.

Can I re-enter my home while the restoration is going on?
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Usually yes, though there will be additional hazards while we are drying. The technician will explain what you need to do. It depends on the extent of the flooding and the extent of the restoration work being done. Depending on the location and the extent of the flood in your home, this may not be advisable for health and safety reasons. Our technicians would be happy to discuss once we have assessed the areas requiring attention. Your home will be a work site for a while and may be unsafe due to various work-related hazards and cleaning chemicals. In addition, depending on the extent of the flooding and if remaining in the home is not ideal, we recommend talking to your insurance company about temporary accommodation.

Can I go into my home to get possessions and valuables while the restoration is going on?
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Usually yes, if it is safe to do so and a health and safety site induction is carried out. As your house becomes a temporary worksite during the restoration, there may be hazards present, but access can be arranged if it can be done safely. Removing possessions that have not been cleaned yet is not recommended as it may contaminate the property you are staying at. We care about the safety and well-being of our customers.

How long does flood restoration take?
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That depends on the extent of the damage, what carpet and flooring you have, and how many stories of the house are affected. On average, a flood restoration can take anywhere between 3 and 8 days, longer if there are building repairs needed after drying. Our technician will assess the work required and give you a reasonable estimate of the time it could take. Of course, the weather, humidity, and the season are factors to consider. Fixing structural damage will require more time and should only be done by reputable contractors.

What steps are taken for flood restoration?
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You will speak with a certified restoration specialist very soon after your call. Then once we view the damage, our trained certified technician will follow our industry standards to ensure your home is restored how it was before the damage occured.

How do I get in touch with JAE if I have a flood or fire emergency?
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We are available 24 hours a day to help you handle your water emergency. Just call us at 0800 225 552 and our Customer Service Advisors will have a certified restoration specialist get in touch with your right away.

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