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getting rid of fleas on carpet

How to Get Fleas Out of Your Carpet

One of the most common hiding places for fleas, aside from your pets, is your carpet. Fleas are tiny little pests that are difficult to see and they can already be infesting your carpets before you even know it. It can take weeks to deal with a flea infestation and sometimes, a quick vacuuming will not do the trick.

wine stain on carpet

Stain Treatments on Radio New Zealand!

On 30 May 2022 our local stain expert from Christchurch East and South spoke to Jesse Mulligan from RadioNZ all about stains. Peter Cheyne is one of our team who truly has seen it all when it comes to stains - he could tell you some stories!

mattress cleaning tips

How to Clean Your Mattress For Warm Snuggly Nights

It is essential to clean your mattresses to get rid of dust mites, dirt and other debris that can trigger allergies and disrupt your sleep. Here are some ways you can keep your mattress clean.

curtain cleaning

Love Your Drapes! How to Clean Curtains and Blinds

Vacuum or wipe off any dust and dirt that may be on the drapes. Wash your drapes (make sure to check the fabric's washing instructions). Hang them on the line to avoid wrinkles.

pet friendly carpets

The Pet Detective - What Carpet is Best For My Fur Baby?

There are many carpet materials that can be best suited for your home, here are a few we recommend for our pet owners. Nylon is the most durable, making it perfect for pets. It is also easy to clean if any accidents were to happen.

Carpet Stain Removal with JAE

Do I Need a Professional to Treat Stains?

Have you neglected that stain in your couch for too long and now it won’t seem to come out? Getting in a professional to treat the stain the right way saves time and stress.

Get rid of the bugs in your home

How to get Rid of Bugs

Getting rid of bugs such as ants, cockroaches, and flies in your home can be as simple as giving it a good clean. Read our tips about keeping bugs at bay.

Keep Covid away with regular cleaning

Covid 19. Getting Rid of the Coronavirus on surfaces

With the Coronavirus, it can be hard to know what is fact and what is hype. Keeping your surroundings as hygienically clean as possible is a good start...

Remove dog stains from Carpet

Dogs and Carpet: How to Remove Mud and Dirt From Your Carpet

Dogs may be 'man’s best friend' but they are not a carpet’s best friend! Read our tips on how to best maintain your carpet or rug with a dog in the house.