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For more than 50 years JAE have been helping New Zealand families take care of their homes. We offer a wide range of cleaning and restoration services, and we take great pride in being a recognised market leader for these solutions. Our solutions include carpet cleaners who are expert and specialised in steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, drapes cleaning, stain treatment, upholstery cleaning and restoration, fabric protection, odour treatments, flood restoration, fire and smoke damage, and pest control.

Nationwide Coverage

With 35 JAE Branches throughout New Zealand, we're just down the road! No matter where you are in New Zealand, from Cape Reinga to the Bluff, JAE can take care of all your cleaning needs. Whether it's caring for valuable oriental rugs, removing difficult stains, providing solutions for pest control, odours, upholstery and leather, or providing flood or fire assistance, we are your local experts.

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Trusted by New Zealand Companies

JAE Carpet Cleaning does work for AMI
JAE Carpet Cleaning does work for Summerset
JAE Carpet Cleaning does work for Mike Pero
JAE Carpet Cleaning does work for State
JAE Carpet Cleaning does work for Ray White
JAE Carpet Cleaning does work for Tower
JAE Carpet Cleaning Vehicles from 50 years ago

Taking Care Of It - For Over 50 Years

We are more than just carpet cleaners. JAE provide a wide range of services for both residential and commercial customers.

In 2017 JAE celebrated 50 years in the industry. Our continual research, along with investment in the latest training and technology, means that we are always in a position to provide our customers with the very best service.

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Pest Control

As Kiwi’s we love the outdoors and any chance that we get we want to get outside. However we aren’t as big fans when it comes to the outside coming inside!

We here at JAE are a little all too familiar with the aftermath of what these pests can do to your home and so we have created a guide to help you with some of the worst offenders, whether you’re in need of information to stop the problem before it starts, you’re after tips on general control or in need of help with full on eradication, we’ve got you covered.

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