Guide to Upholstery Cleaning in New Zealand

We take pride in our homes and our furnishings here in New Zealand. As a nation we love the outdoors, we love getting into nature, and we love to entertain. And, because we are a country with four true seasons, we have certain times of the year when our love of the outdoors and entertaining drives us inside. We come home from a wild beach walk or a hike in nature, bringing sand and soil and all manner of the outside in. We have friends and family over and have dinner parties and get togethers where food and drink is celebrated heartily. Inevitably we find ourselves dealing with a stain or two on our favourite lounge suite, a much-loved sofa that's starting to look a bit too loved, or upholstered dining chairs that have a little too much evidence of good times and happy memories.

As a generally house-proud nation, when our furnishings start to look a little worse for wear or a beloved child or friend spills a dish of spaghetti or a glass of red wine or cordial on our treasured investments, we may need a little help! That's where our expert advice and handy tips from our specialists here at JAE come in. From leather furniture to your caravan or boat squabs, we've put together our top tips on how to clean upholstery and remove stains from furniture yourselves. And, of course, if in doubt or you strike a stain or a need a deep clean, we're always here to take care of it for you!

squab clean

Cleaning Caravan and Boat Upholstery

Upholstery in your caravan or boat and other outdoor furniture tend to be more resistant to soiling and dirt than indoor cushions. However, to ensure your squabs stay stain-free and looking great, they need to be cleaned regularly and properly. From dust, sea salt, animal incidents, or that cheeky glass of red, our experts have some handy tips on how to clean your squabs and upholstery of your caravan, boat, or outdoor furniture.

mattress cleaning

How to Clean and Remove Stains from a Mattress

Who else loves their mattress? A crucial part of getting a good night's sleep, your mattress should be kept in tip top shape to ensure you’re getting the rest you deserve. We spend half our life on our mattress and we get up close and personal with it every night. Plus, a good mattress doesn’t come cheap! Cleaning up stains properly not only has a benefit for appearances sake but also benefits your health. These are some of experts' favourite tips on how to clean your mattress.

office furniture clean

How to Clean Stains on Office Furniture

We spend a significant amount of time at our workplace and, for those of us in an office, the furniture can get quite a lot of use. Keeping office furniture clean is important, not just for comfort but for hygiene. The office sofa and office chairs are often used for clients and visitors as well so keeping these clean and free from stains sets a professional and fresh tone. Read our key tips on how to clean office upholstery.

lounge suite clean

How to Clean your Couch or Lounge Suite

From sitting on the couch watching your favourite show to hosting a wine and cheese night with your friends around the coffee table, your living room, and specifically your lounge suite, is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. It’s also one of the most prone to spills, stains, and build up of dust and grime! Our experts have shared some of their top tips on how to best clean stains and spills on your lounge suite.

fabric protection

Fabric Protection - Clean and Remove Stains on Fabric Upholstery

Spilled red wine on your favourite couch? Did spaghetti drop on your fabric dining chairs? Our stain removal experts give you their best instant tips for getting rid of stains on your fabric upholstery. There's nothing that can ruin the look of your fabric furnishings than an unsightly stain. So, follow our expert advice and remember, if it's super stubborn and none of our tips help, give your local JAE team a call!

leather cleaning

How to Clean and Protect Leather Upholstery

Leather upholstery is popular in any style of home or office. It's low-maintenance, durable and looks great for years - if you take care of it! Of course, we’re human and spills do happen, so what can you do to clean up any stains or spills on leather? Cleaning stains on your leather upholstery properly helps make it last and look amazing longer. Read our experts' top tips for cleaning stains and spills on your valuable leather upholstery.