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Water Damage = Emotional Damage!

Water Damage = Emotional Damage!

We can all imagine how it feels to walk into your home and see the floor completely saturated in water, it’s a nightmare! Learn how you can save yourself from the stress of water damage and address the issue with just a phone call.

Picture of Cat

Can you get rid of cat odour once and for all?

If you’ve ever had an ‘accident of the feline nature’ on your floor, you’ll understand how pungent cat urine can be. This unsavoury liquid can saturate even the most solid materials like concrete.

Picture of Cute Dog

3 Tips to Minimise Pet Odour in Your Home

JAE often gets called to rid spaces from smelling like our beloved pets. If you need to minimise pet odours in your home, start with our top 3 tips.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Cleaning your carpets is a worthwhile task to prolong the life and quality of your carpets and to make the most out of your investment.

Removing Rats and Mice

Rat Infestation in Auckland!

Aucklander's, we’re sorry to say that there have been reports of rat infestations. Not just any kind of rat, but HUGE, cat-sized rats– yuck! This is a real problem!