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Restoration of River Flood Damage in NZ

Flooding can be a real issue across New Zealand with our sometimes extreme weather, but no matter where you are, you can rest assured knowing your local JAE team will be there to take care of it.

JAE have been taking care of Kiwi’s when it comes to flooding for over 50 years and so we know what to do in any situation. Our innovative and efficient solutions have been tried and tested and our team are highly trained to deal with almost any flood situation.

Our drying technology is industry-leading to restore and revive saturated carpets, fabrics, and dry building structures, no matter where flooding strikes, and you can trust our team to get to you as soon as they possibly can when you need us. This recent story from our team down in Fiordland highlights the measures we will take to take care of you!

Taking on River Flood Damage in Fiordland

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Heavy rain in the mountains in Fiordland can be treacherous for those down-river, as one of our customers discovered recently. The Hollyford Valley, a stunning and remote location in New Zealand’s wild Fiordland, had more than a metre of rain over three days causing major flooding, destroying walking huts, tracks, and roads. Two of these huts and their surrounding buildings were upmarket hikers accommodation owned by the Ngai Tahu corporation. These buildings had up to a metre of flooding inside and had been sitting wet for over a month. Certainly not your everyday job!

The local team at JAE were contacted and asked to put together a plan to complete the structural drying of the entire facility. Given the remote location, the poor weather and the severe power limitations our team worked alongside local rangers and a local helicopter company to implement their plan and work through somewhat challenging logistics.

Two technicians from Glenorchy were flown into the site to scope the work required and determine what equipment would be needed and who might be required to assist in terms of guidance on the site. As all the equipment and people involved needed to be helicoptered in, this wasn’t a simple decision and required an understanding of what solutions were going to be best practice for a job of this complexity.

flood restoration

The flooring, any old carpet, and wet internal walls needed to be stripped before the drying could commence. Once all this was stripped, the team assessed just how much damage had been caused and began the process of setting up the structural drying equipment to get the building back to being nice and dry for trampers to visit again.

The JAE way of structural drying includes a number of specialised and JAE-specific techniques and machinery. With limited power and inclement weather conditions, the drying process was arduous. Branch manager, Nathan, flew in to monitor the progress, assess the drying-time and adjust machines, as well as deciding if any further actions might need to be taken to reach their drying goal.


The challenges were expected and were clearly outlined to the client and the insurance team and JAE factored these circumstances into the drying plan.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the restoration of the Hollyford Valley sites will need to be completed once travel restrictions are over. The JAE team servicing Fiordland are looking forward to be able to ensure their drying goal is reached and that the facility can be back up and running for hikers and walkers this summer.

Our JAE teams all over the country are prepared to offer emergency and essential services in the event of fire, flood, contamination and emergency pest control services.

Flood or water damage? Contact your local team at JAE – you know we’ll take care of it!  

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