Taking On Carpet Stains During Lockdown – What Should You Do?

Red Wine On Carpet

You've spent the entire week working from home, the computer Is finally off and your feet are up while you’re drinking your favourite glass of red wine after a long day. Without realising, you have placed your wine glass of the carpet and accidentally knocked It over. Now you are thinking, "you must be joking?".


Luckily this is JAE’s profession and we are the experts in carpet stains. Whether it's a red wine stain, a coffee stain, or even if you’ve cut yourself and there’s bloodstains on the carpet, read on to find out how to remove stains from your carpet.


The first thing is DO NOT PANIC. This is the worst thing to do and usually makes the situation even worse. Although the quicker you act, the better the outcome will be.


How to get a Red Wine Stain out of Carpet


Step 1- Blot the Stain


The first thing to do is grab a colourless cloth or paper towel and blot as much of the stain as possible, making sure you don’t scrub. This will remove all the excess wine which hasn’t been absorbed into the carpet yet. The more red wine you can soakup into the cloth, the less wine will be left to stain the carpet – so it’s important to act fast.


Step 2- Absorb as much as possible


Once you’ve absorbed as much of the wine as possible, take a colour fast cotton towel, fold and place it over the spillage and stand on it to absorb more of the wine. Repeat a few more times with fresh parts of the towel to ensure even more wineis absorbed from the carpet.


Step 3- Warm Water and Vinegar

remove stain warm water and vinegar

If the stain is still visible, then try this handy trick - mix a cup of warm water with atablespoon of white vinegar and start to blot it onto the stain with a cloth dampened with the mixture. If you have a spray bottle mist it onto the stain instead. The trick is to apply as much of the spotting fluid into the fibre to release the stain without saturating the backing of the carpet. Repeat this process another 2-3 times without rubbing! Alternatively, if you have some of ourJAECap spot cleaner use this instead.  Place a fresh towel over the stain and put flat, weighted objects on it overnight such as books or something similar to keep the towel pushed firmly onto the stain. This will allow an ongoing wicking process to occur which will assist the treatment process.  The following day, remove the weights and towel and allow the area to dry.

For bloodstains,use a tablespoon of ammonia Instead of vinegar and use a sponge to blot the stain.


The handy tip above works great for liquid spillages. For other stains you can try switching out the vinegar for 1 teaspoon of wool detergent and blot the stain with thesame method – remember, no rubbing! If you have a bottleof our JAECap use that as a spot cleaner - it’s an absolutely amazing spotcleaner!


If the stains are still not 100% gone, then call us at JAE and we’ll talk you through what to do until we can come visit. While on the phone, please let us know the type of carpet that has been damaged as this will help us determine the right solutions and equipment needed to repair your carpet.


Get In Touch with JAE


Need to talk to someone about that stain? Find your local branch on our JAE Locations page and give us a call.

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