How Do I know If There are Bed Bugs in My Mattress?

Bed Bug on skin

The possibility of bed bugs in your mattress can be daunting. They can be brought into your home via backpacks, suitcases or equipment that has been infected from an external source (hotels, motels, backpackers etc). While they are not necessarily a public health risk, they are definitely a nuisance. Bed bugs can cause itchy, red bites on your skin, creating a massive discomfort in your everyday life.


When it comes to handling bed bugs, it’s best to deal with them as soon as possible to prevent a large infestation. But how do you know whether you have bed bugs or an allergic reaction? Bed bug bites often look similar to any other insect bite or rash, with some people not reacting to their bites at all! So, here are a few other ways to check for bed bugs and how to get rid of them.


1.  Bed Stains

Bedbugs like to live near their food source, so signs of their presence can often be found on your mattress or sheets. When you’re cleaning your sheets and mattresses, you might see some red, rust-coloured stains. These stains could be caused by bed bugs being crushed and are a sign of bed bugs being present. You might also find small dark spots, which are bed bug excrements and can bleed on your fabric.


2.  Bedbug Eggs

Another thing to look out for when doing your cleaning is to look for any eggs or eggshells. Bed bug eggs are very small and cream-coloured. You can often find them laid in crevices in dark areas, often in textured materials. If this sounds like anything near your bed, it’s worth to have a look. They also shed eggshells as they grow so have a look out for slightly transparent, cream-coloured shell casings as well.


3.  Hiding Spots

Bedbugs hide in a variety of places when they’re not feeding and can squeeze into really small spaces. The first place to look is around your bed and mattress for any live bugs. Look near the piping, seams, tags, or box springs as well as any crevices around your bed frame and headboard.


 If you find you have bed bugs in your home, don’t fret! JAE offers a pest control service that is safe and effective. Contact us today and we can help get you back into getting a good night’s sleep.

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