Cleaning Caravan and Boat Upholstery

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Squabs, cushions, and upholstery from your caravan, your boat, or other outdoor furniture, are more dirt-resistant than the cushions and upholstery in your home. 

This means they can be overlooked when it comes to cleaning, as they can look picture-perfect for a lot longer. However, they will still need maintaining from all the wear they get, from things like dust, sea salt, animal droppings, UV rays, and more! Here are a few ways to clean up stains on your squabs on your caravan, boat, or outdoor furniture.

How to clean your squabs:

Simply vacuuming your squabs will not be able to thoroughly clean your squabs, especially if the dirt has accumulated or there are stains present. Washing your squabs is the best way to ensure they have been cleaned properly.

Step by step guide to stain removal and hand-washing your squabs

  1. Lightly brush off any dust, debris, or food off your squab
  2. Soak up any spills. Using cold water and a clean cloth, dab, rinse and repeat, lifting as much of the stain as possible. Apply a spot treatment that is recommended by your manufacturer and follow the specific instructions. JAE has a great spot treatment that is ideal for most common stains.
  3. Wash the squab. Fill up a bucket with warm water and soap that is compatible to the fabric of the squab
  4. Use a soft brush to scrub. Dip a soft brush into the bucket and use it to gently scrub the squab
  5. Air dry your cushions. Either place them out in the sun or in a dry space. 

Before cleaning or using a spot treatment for stains on your squabs, check the care label for any specific instructions and always check to see if they are machine washable - some are and you can pop them in the washing machine for a good clean. 

If a stubborn stain just won’t budge, best to call the professionals. Attempting to remove the stain yourself could have you using products that are too harsh for the fabric, and you risk permanently damaging your beautiful cushions. Instead, call the team at JAE for any professional advice and cleaning services. Or, if you're ready to Get a Quote, click on the link in our menu now!

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