How to Clean Stains on Office Furniture

After your home, the office may be your most frequented place. As much as we may not love the idea, many of us spend more time in the office than we do at home.

Keeping your office space clean, in particular the furnishings, is extremely important. Clean, unstained office furniture such as chairs and sofas, make an office space feel modern and fresh. Clean unstained furniture can also improve the mood and increase the morale of those who work there. 

How to treat stains of office chairs:

Lunch at your desk, coffee spills, even ink - stains happen even in the workplace! Getting to the stain and cleaning it as best you can straight away helps minimise permanent damage or discolouration. While the chair or couch in your office can come in a variety of materials, there are still some key tips to treat most types of stains that you could use on most chairs and couches. 

  1. Clean the stain right away! Dab excess moisture away with a cold, damp cloth
  2. Vacuum or sweep up crumbs to avoid them being squashed into the chair fabric
  3. Always check the tag or manufacturer website for proper cleaning instructions
  4. Rinse stains with cold water and dab/blot dry with a clean, dry towel. Repeat a few times and if the stain persists…

Maintaining and protecting your office furniture

Our environment is important to our mood so providing clean, fresh furniture to work or take breaks on can enhance productivity by enhancing the mood. Here are a few key tips for how to help keep your office furniture clean and fresh.

Tip 1 - Avoid food and drink on the office couch

If your office has a lounge suit in your break room or open office, try to avoid eating on it. Food and drink stains are incredibly common and can ruin the look of a nice piece of furniture. 

Tip 2 - Check in with office cleaners

Check that your office cleaners are paying attention to regularly cleaning your furnishings. Ask them what their process is.

Tip 3 - Invest in fabric protection

A specialist fabric protector can help keep your office furniture protected. JAE offers a specialist fabric protector called Fibreguard™ which is ideal for New Zealand environments.

Whether it’s to save some time or you just want to make sure the job gets done properly, don’t be afraid to call in the professionals! JAE are experts in upholstery and leather cleaning, perfect for cleaning your office spaces. They have a detailed upholstery cleaning process to get the best results possible to extend your office furniture’s life and help enhance its appearance! Want to know what a professional clean costs? Click on the link in our menu to 'Get a Quote' now!

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