How to Clean and Remove Stains from a Mattress

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Who else loves their mattress? Absolutely key to getting a good night sleep, your mattress is an important part of your everyday routine.

You spend a lot of time on your mattress, so it’s crucial to keep it in the best shape possible. After all, they can certainly be an expensive investment! So, what happens if you spill something in bed - your morning cup of tea perhaps, or your little ones have an incident? Here’s what to do for a stain on your mattress:

How to remove stains from your mattress

There are a few ways to treat stains in your mattress before calling in the professionals. The most important thing to remember is to always check the care instructions of your mattress to check for any guidelines.

  1. Soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Using a clean cloth or sponge, make sure to dab, not rub as it can spread the stain even more!
  2. Use a compatible mattress stain remover. If it is an old and nasty stain, it is best to apply some stain remover that is suitable for your mattress type. Use sparingly as you can’t soak a mattress. Let it sit so that the stain can be fully lifted. 
  3.  Blot with cold water. After, dampen the cloth or sponge with some cold water and blot to remove. 

A regular deep clean is always a good idea as we want our mattresses to last as long as possible and stay hygienically clean and fresh. Before calling in the professionals, there are some tips you can do at home to keep your mattress clean and fresh between deep professional cleans.

How to Clean a Mattress:

Tip 1 - Remove and wash all bedding

This is especially important if you get any spills or stains on your sheets, as it can prevent the stains from setting further. Don’t forget to also wash your pillowcases, blankets, sheets, mattress protectors, and any lining! 

Tip 2 - Vacuum your mattress

Your mattress is prone to dust and essentially dust mites! Remove any lingering dust and debris that may have found their way under your sheets. Make sure to use the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum, as other attachments may snag or damage the mattress

Tip 3 - Treat any stains immediately

Treating a stain immediately can help prevent it from setting too deep into your mattress, increasing the chances of removing it entirely. Deodorise your mattress. To remove any odours from your mattress, use plain baking soda. Sprinkle a good layer of baking soda onto your mattress and gently rub it in with your hand to help it kill odours. Once again, don’t forget to vacuum your mattress when done to clean up!

For more difficult stains and for deep cleaning, always contact a professional. A professional mattress clean ensures your mattress is healthy, fresh and ready to support you with a good night’s sleep! If you're ready to Get a Quote, click on the link in our menu now!

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