How to Get Rid of the Top 3 Household Carpet Stains

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No matter how careful we are, we’re all human and accidents can happen! Spills and stains are a common occurrence in most Kiwi households, so learning how to remove stains from carpet can help minimise damage before the experts get there. We’ve rounded up three of the most common household spills and stains we see on carpet – and trust us, we see a lot! Often these spills can easily be removed if you follow our simple steps straightaway. And, of course, if in doubt, call your local JAE experts as soon as you can!   

Here are our tips and tricks on how to get rid of grease or fat stains, tomato sauce, and red wine stains:

grease stain on carpet

1.   Getting Rid of Grease or fat stains on carpet

Just imagine – it’s a typical Friday night in a typical Kiwi home. Fish and chips or burgers, or your favourite Asian fusion takeaway is on the menu. You or one of the kids gets over excited for that greasy goodness and, uh oh, it ends up on the carpet! You rush to pick up what you can (5 second rule applies!) and find there’s a leftover greasy patch on the carpet. Do NOT rush for that supermarket stain remover! Instead, quickly get a little dish soap and dilute it with warm water. Blot the stain with the solution until it is saturated and the stain disappears. Repeat with cold water and allow to dry. Of course, sometimes it’s not this easy and if you are concerned, call your local JAE team. Certain kinds of grease or fat stains will need to be treated with the right chemicals and solutions to get stubborn stains out of carpet.

tomato sauce on carpet

2.   Removing Tomato Sauce stains on carpet

 Who doesn’t love a good homemade Spaghetti Bolognese? Whether you’re tucking into a delicious tomato saucy meal or the kids are having a blast dipping their dinner in tomato sauce and some drips on the carpet, don’t worry! Here’s how to get rid of a tomato sauce stain from carpet. Scrape as much of the sauce off with a spoon or knife and pour some cold water over the stain. Dab some laundry detergent on the stain. Rinse and repeat until the stain is removed. Again, not all stains are created equal and you may need to call in the experts! Our technicians have a range of solutions that are specific to different types of stains and have the right stain remover solution for stubborn tomato sauce stains on carpet.

remove red wine stain

3.   How to get rid of Red wine stains on carpet

It’s Friday night and you’re trying to relax with a glass of red wine. The relaxing comes to an abrupt end when the dog jumps up on your knee and whoops, there goes your glass of red all over the carpet! No need to panic – or scold the dog! Simply grab a dry towel and begin by dabbing the red wine stain to remove as much liquid as possible. Sprinkle some salt or baking soda over the stain and vacuum up the excess. Supermarket bought stain removers are more likely to set the stain than remove it, so avoid the impulse to use cheap store-bought chemicals. Red wine can be tricky so follow our steps first, then call in JAE.We’ll get there as quick as we can and if you have done what we’ve said above, we should be able to remove dried red wine stains easily. You can go back to enjoying your glass of red knowing the team from JAE will take care of it! 

If you discover the stain too late or these methods don’t work, we have specially formulated chemicals to remove these types of stains and many, many more without damaging your carpet. Give your local JAE branch a call for a quote to remove tricky, stubborn stains from your carpet.

At JAE, we know what we’re doing when it comes to cleaning carpet stains!

For other carpet care and stain tips please check out How to Treat Rust Stains on Carpets guide and Tips for Protecting Your Carpets Over the Summer Holidays.

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