How to Treat Rust Stains on Carpets

removing rust stains on the carpet

Having to get rust stains out of your carpets can be difficult, but are you struggling with how to go about removing these stains and can’t figure out the cause? We are here to help you understand what causes rust stains and the best practice to adopt in treating any rust stains that may have occurred. 

How does a rust stain form?

When iron is exposed to moisture it causes a reaction called oxidation which results in rust being formed. This flakey pigmented rust can then rub off from your steel furniture causing dark stains on your carpet. 

How to treat rust stains?

Nothing is more difficult than trying to get a rust stain out of your carpet, especially since they are stains that we tend to neglect or not even notice. Here is the best procedure to deal with rust stains on your carpet:

  1. Scrap away the excess 

If rust transfers to your carpet, to prevent the rust from spreading further, scrape up or vacuum any surface rust making sure that you dispose of it.  (Avoid rubbing the pile)

  1. Call the professionals

Due to the chemistry involved in the treatment of rust, before you waste your time and money trying out multiple methods to get rid of the rust stain yourself, call JAE’s professional carpet cleaners to get your carpet looking brand new. WHY? It is important that all rust treatment procedures are completely flushed and extracted from the carpet as the last step to mitigate the problem and avoid retention in the carpet of product residues.  Your JAE technician will ensure this is done. 

removing rust stains on carpet

How to prevent rust stains?

Typically, a rust stain is formed by furniture (with a metal component) coming into contact with some form of moisture and then oxidizing.  This causes rust to occur and then over time transfer to your carpet. To prevent rust from staining your carpet in the first place having barriers such as plastic furniture caps or plastic sheets is the way to go!  Remember that older period furniture was generally manufactured with steel caps/studs applied to the underside of furniture legs.  It is recommended that these caps/studs be removed and replaced with plastic versions which can be obtained from your local hardware store.

Another way to help minimise rust from staining your carpet is by reducing moisture in the house, thereby lowering the chances of rust forming on the feet of your furniture. You can do this by having a dehumidifier and cleaning regularly.

Rust damage is one type of stain that we recommend you call us.  Avoid the temptation to treat this yourself as this stain WILL NOT respond to normal cleaning products. Give the team at JAE a call and ask about our carpet cleaning services

For other stains that may be treatable by you please check out our How to remove mud and dirt from your carpet guide and Tips on how to remove top household stains.

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