Tips for Protecting Your Carpets Over the Summer Holidays

carpet cleaning stain removal

The summer holidays are just around the corner! While it’s great to have the kids at home, you may find more carpet stains than usual around this time of the year.Luckily, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to combat these stains to help keep your carpet clean.


1.  Set some rules

Prevention is the best way to protect your carpets from any stains or spills. Setting simple rules with your kids like eating and drinking at the table or removing shoes before entering the house is a great start to avoid the majority of these messes. Assigning a designated play area also helps limit any mess that occurs, making the clean up a lot easier later.  


2.  Call in the professionals

While enforcing rules to prevent messes is a great start, we’re all human! Spills are still inevitable and when that happens, it’s best to treat them immediately to prevent any permanent stains. Treating them immediately not only helps prevent any permanent damage, they’re often easier to clean as well. If the stain is a large amount of liquid – blot, don’t rub – then call your local JAE technician!Our professional stain removal services can tackle even the toughest of stains including red wine, fizzy drinks and pet urine stains!


3.  The right stain remover for the right stain

Different messes call for different products! Whether it’s mud or chocolate, your localJAE technicians have a specialist stain remover to deal to the mess. Their tried and true methods prevent any carpet damage or discolouration.


4.  Create a cleaning routine

Keeping a regular cleaning routine is one of the best things to do to keep your carpets in top shape. A great place to start is vacuuming your carpets at least twice a week. Vacuuming helps prevent particles like soil, dust, food particles, and animal hair from settling into them. This helps keep your carpet in great shape and your home as bacteria-free as possible.


5.  Leave it to the professionals

While there are a lot of steps you can do yourself to keep your carpet clean, it’s best to leave the deep clean to the professionals. Your carpets receive the most use in your home and getting your carpets professionally cleaned helps prolong its life and leaves your home healthier for the kids. JAE offers a professional carpet cleaning service that uses a unique process to achieve the best results possible.


For any further carpet concerns, get in touch with the team at JAE! We can help you keep your home clean over the summer holidays.

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