How to Prepare for a Flood

how to prepare for a flood

Coming home to a wet, damp home is a pain. But what makes it even worse is when you are not prepared for the flood that is about to come rushing through your home. 

Are you well prepared for a flood to hit your home? If not, we are here to help relieve some of your stresses, so here are some precautions and tips to follow to ensure you and your home will be well taken care of: 

Preparing for a flood

If your home resides in an at-risk flood area, it is important to be prepared and have plans in place to protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones during a flood. 

  1. Put together an emergency bag/container 

Having an evacuation bag ready will help give you extra peace of mind knowing that you are well taken care of if a flood occurred. Here are items we recommend putting aside:

  • Portable radio 
  • Spare batteries 
  • Torch
  • First aid kit 
  • Candles and lighter 
  • Required medications 
  • Warm clothing and good footwear 
  • Food and clean drinking water 

  1. Have an evacuation plan for your household (including your pets)

Knowing where to go and what to do if a flood hits is so important when it comes to keeping you and the things in your home well protected. 

  1. Seal important documents in waterproof bags

Whether you want to keep memories and photos saved or important documents like your birth certificate, make sure to seal them in waterproof (and fireproof) bags to ensure they won't be damaged. 

  1. Have home insurance 

Having home insurance adds an extra security blanket, knowing that if there is any damage to your home and its contents you don’t have to stress financially. This will also ensure that your home is taken care of after a flood. 

If you have received a flood warning it is important to make sure that you are ready for the flood, by doing these things:

  1. Lift curtains and bedding off the floor 
  2. Move valuable items and furniture to higher ground 
  3. Check on vulnerable neighbours 

What happens if a flood hits?

First of all, when a flood occurs it is important to check in on your loved ones and your neighbours to make sure everyone is safe, and if necessary, stay on higher ground, before you deal with any damage within the house. 

While customers can directly get in touch with their local JAE branch for a variety of services, flood restoration services would generally need to go through insurance companies for a referral.

If you are affected by the recent flooding, check out our post on “What to do in a flood” and "Mould and Mildew Health Risks" for more information about how to keep you and your loved ones safe if a flood occurs.

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