Watch this Blast from the Past. 50+ Years of JAE Carpet Cleaning


Ahhh the good old days when carpets were patterned, neighbours were nosy, and shorts were, well - short! Who doesn’t miss the 80’s!

Did you know the JAE team has been around even longer than that! We’ve been around since times were different, better even. When milk was delivered to your door in bottles, people gathered to eat cheese squares and pineapple pieces on tooth picks, when upholstery wasn’t classy unless it was... colourful.

And because we’ve been around for a while taking care of Kiwi homes as if they were our own, we know a thing or two. We know the best way to clean a Kiwi carpet, treat a Kiwi stain - however stubborn, get rid of pesky Kiwi pests, and generally how to be there for New Zealanders in times of disasters like floods and fires.

Watching this classic JAE advert from the 80’s is not only nostalgic, but it reminds us of how far we’ve come in terms of our technology, our level of training and standards, and the products we are able to offer now. It also reminds us of how true we’ve stayed to our good old Kiwi values.

jae cars

Despite the change in uniforms, vans, and equipment our company values are still the same. We still care for our customers’ homes as if they were our own. We respect our fellow Kiwi’s valuable assets like their furniture and belongings. It’s part of what makes us different. Our branches around the country are operated by locals, just like you, and they know what it’s like to own a home in New Zealand. They know what’s important to us as Kiwi’s and they know that being taken care of, knowing someone has your back when disaster, no matter how small or large, strikes - someone is there to help. When it comes to your home, that someone is JAE.

jae equipment
One of our old-school carpet cleaners

Looking back, it’s pretty amazing to see the differences - even our brand! But just like sitting down and having a laugh over the old photo albums at your grandma's place, we love looking back on how far we’ve come and hope you’ll enjoy a wee stroll down memory lane with us.

Over 50 years on from our humble beginnings, you can be sure that at JAE, we’re still taking care of Kiwi homes as if they were our own! And still will be in years to come...imagine what cleaning a spaceship will be like!

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