Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home…and Body!

Spring Cleaning Work out

It’s that time of year again. Time to refresh, reset and rejuvenate your home… and while you’re doing that, rejuvenate your mind and body as well. Bear with us - this is worth the read.

At JAE, our experts have put their heads together to give you their Top Five SpringCleaning Tips for a home (and body) that’s ready for the longer, warmer days. Spring is the perfect time to give your home or property a thorough once over. Our minds and bodies naturally shift into reset mode and we naturally are drawn to clear out the things that tend to gather over winter. De-cluttering, a thorough dusting, giving the skirting boards a good scrub, window washing – you name it, it’s on the list! And, because the season that follows is that magical season of shorts and singlets, beach days, and bbq’s – summer – we’ve added a few extra steps to our expert cleaning tips!

Spring Cleaning& Exercise Tip 1: Do Squats while you declutter

Before you can really, truly clean your home, we recommend that you declutter your home. Marie Kondo has changed lives with her magical art of tidying up, and our experts at JAE tend to agree. Getting rid of unwanted, unused, or unloved items is the first step towards decluttering your home for spring. While your decluttering, think about your body - every time you pick up an item, hold it straight out in front of you at a 90-degree angle and complete one full squat. This is going to make organising your belongings a great workout!

Spring Cleaning& Exercise Tip 2: Shoulder Presses while you dust

Dusting.During the winter months dust gathers, and not just in those hard to reach places.With windows and doors most often closed up against colder weather, air movement is limited, and dust particles settle on sills, in corners, under furnishings, and everywhere else you can and can’t imagine. So, before you get stuck into carpet and floor cleaning dusting is the best next step. While you're dusting in high places, do a shoulder press. Don’t let your arms drop lower than your shoulders. Every time your arms come down to shoulder level, create a90-degree angle and back up they go. Take a look at a shoulder press tutorial here.

Spring Cleaning& Exercise Tip 3: Can you do lunges while cleaning the floor and carpet?

You certainly can! While you’re giving your floors a serious vacuuming and mopping, give yourself a workout with lunges. Every time you push the vacuum or mop forward, lunge by stepping forward with one foot, bend your knee into a 90-degree angle and return to starting position before repeating with the other foot next time you push forward. Remember to not over-extend your knee past your toes.For tips on how to do a safe lunge, click here. Of course, for a real deep spring cleaning of your carpets and rugs, and to treat any stains you may have uncovered, your local JAE team are the experts!

Spring Cleaning& Exercise Tip 4: Push ups as you spot clean

If you’re one of our JAE customers, you may still have some of your JAE Spot Cleaner.This is our special stain treatment for those little stains that don’t require a specialist. While you’re down in the details, spot cleaning stains or marks from your rugs, carpets, hardwood or tiles, it’s the perfect opportunity for some intermittent push-ups. In between spot removal applications or changing tools there’s no reason you can’t drop and give us 10!

Spring Cleaning& Exercise Tip 5: Abs workout at home

While your transporting laundry baskets all around the house, cleaning bed linen, towels and your weekly washing, hold the basket at a 90-degree angle in front of you. Hold the basket out, engage and tense your core and shoulder muscles to save your back. This way you’re working your arms, shoulders, and your abdominal muscles all in one! The longer you can hold it, the better! And if you’ve got stairs, well, that’s an all-over body workout right there.

Of course, your local JAE team takes spring cleaning seriously. They understand the importance of having a clean and healthy home and are experts in carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery and fabric rejuvenation, cleaning, and protection, as well as odour and pest control.

To get your spring cleaning done thoroughly and professionally, call your local JAE team and challenge them to clean your carpets while lunging and doing push-ups! Make sure you ask about our specialist JAEGuard® fabric protection to make sure your furnishings are protected. Summer brings the outdoors in, bbq’s and get togethers, red wine and ice blocks...make sure your valuable investments are protected today!

For other tips on how to keep your home clean, please check out our articles on How to Clean Curtains and Blinds and How to Clean Your Mattress.

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