Love Your Drapes! How to Clean Curtains and Blinds

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Sheltering you from the sun, blocking out the light, and cocooning you from the outside world... your blinds and drapes are such the important necessity in your home. But when was the last time you gave them a proper clean? While we come into contact with our blinds and drapes every day, we often neglect them when it comes to our routine cleans.

So, what is the best way to take care of your blinds and drapes you may ask? Well, we have put together some ‘How to guides’ on how to give them a good clean.

How to clean your blinds:

Over time your blinds can collect a lot of dust which can prevent good airflow through the windows, which can result in you getting sick. Therefore, it is important to regularly clean your blinds with these simple steps.

  1. Wipe off any dust that may be lying on the blinds with a microfiber cloth 
  2. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess dirt (skip this step for wooden blinds)

Don’t forget to repeat these steps on the other side of the blinds.

How to clean your drapes:

While you may not realise it your drapes to go through a lot, whether its sun damage, dust or spills. Cleaning your drapes regularly can help them last longer and make your house look that extra bit clean. Here are a couple of steps you can do to give your drapes a clean:

  1. Vacuum or wipe off any dust and dirt that may be on the drapes
  2. Wash your drapes (make sure to check the fabrics washing instructions)
  3. Hang them on the line to avoid wrinkles 

Dealing with mould on drapes

While there are ways to prevent mould, sometimes it just happens, especially within a damp house. The perfect place for mould to form is your curtains, hence why it is important to do regular cleans. Here are some ways you can treat mould found on your drapes:

  1. Check curtain labels and fabrics before you deal with the mould
  2. Use a hard bristle brush to remove as much mould as you can
  3. Apply stain remover that is compatible with your fabric 
  4. Wash the curtains (dry clean if they are not machine washable)
  5. Hang them out to dry 

If you are unsure of what to do when mould forms on your drapes, or if they just need a good deep clean, get in contact with us at JAE and we will help you get your drapes looking brand new again.

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