Why Clean Your Carpets After the Summer Holidays?

professional carpet clean in summer

Why clean your carpets professionally after the summer holidays? Summer school holidays often mean that you, the kids, the pets, and visitors spend a lot of time outside and, consequently, bring the outside back in with you. Sand, dirt, and bugs such as ticks and fleas, can be carried inside, settling into your carpets.Professional carpet cleaning ensures your home is fresh and hygienically clean, ready for a new year.


Carpets in your home trap airborne contaminants such as skin flakes, insects, pollen and dust, and other micro-organisms. Vacuuming regularly is great and necessary, but won’t cut the mustard for a deep, hygienic clean. This is where a professional carpet cleaner steps in.


So, why is the start of a new year after the school and summer holidays a good time to get your carpets professionally cleaned? With the kids back to school and you likely back at work, your carpet has time to rejuvenate. Getting your carpets cleaned professionally now gives it the best chance to revive and refresh after a long busy summer of heavy foot traffic. You may have had a houseful of family coming and going, or you may have been at the family bach for the holidays and your carpet has been sitting gathering dust that has settled into the fibres while you’ve been away. Whether you’ve had every man and his (wet, sandy) dog visiting and traipsing sand and soil through your home, or its been locked up getting dusty and musty, your carpets deserve a refresh as much as you do heading into the new year.


Here are our top 5 reasons to get your carpets professionally cleaned after the summer:


Summer Allergen Elimination


Spring and summer are both seasons with their fair share of allergens. Pollens and dust and other micro-organisms flourish in the warmer months as plants, trees, and flowers release millions of airborne spores that travel into our homes in a variety of ways. These tiny microscopic particles settle deep into carpets and often even the best and strongest vacuum doesn’t get rid of them all. These allergens can negatively impact the health of members of your family, especially those with allergies or sensitive immune systems. A professional carpet cleaner uses specific machinery and products that eliminate these potentially harmful allergens, making your home safer and healthier.


Deep Dive on Dirt


Soil, sand, and other debris from outside comes into your home on your shoes, feet, the wind, and clinging to pets. Vacuuming and even hiring a carpet cleaner from the local supermarket is just not going to get rid of the majority of the detritus buried deep in your carpet fibres.


Professional cleaning equipment is designed to remove these deeper layers of debris safely and thoroughly. There are also certain specialised steps that must be followed when cleaning rugs and carpets. Using the right cleaning products and chemicals, understanding the nature and makeup of the carpet, the powerful suction and water pressure of professional machines – JAE technicians are highly trained and experienced and their equipment is designed specifically to deal with any carpet or rug. They have precise cleaning approaches that do the job properly, leaving your carpets fresh, completely clean, revitalised, and looking fantastic.


 Odour Eradication


Over the space of around 12 months, imagine the odours that have settled into the deeper layers of your carpets and rugs. Everything that drops or spills settles in and in many cases, leave a residual smell. Even though it may not be that noticeable as you go about your daily life, get down to ground level and take a deep breath in.


All the crumbs, dust, spills, pet incidents, and outdoor debris disappear into the lower layers of your carpet and store up. Even after cleaning with store bought products, these lingering odours aren’t likely to be lifted with scrubbing and vacuuming. These products can only cover the smell for a certain period before the smell overcomes it. That’s when a professional clean by an experienced, licensed technician is required. JAE have a range of specialised products and machinery specifically designed to tackle odours, no matter where they’ve come from!


Asset Protection


Your carpets and rugs are treasured assets and should be treated as such. Regular professional carpet cleaning by a company that knows what it’s doing, will extend the life of your carpets and rugs, protecting your investment for the future.

After busy periods of use and traffic, especially in long holidays where the kids are all home, the care of your carpet becomes even more important. The sand, dirt, insects, and odours that have gathered and settled over the holidays will bed down and can cause your carpets to look, smell, and feel old, tired, and jaded. A professional carpet clean at this time helps to breathe new life, softening, deodorising, and restoring your carpets.


Start the NewYear Right


What better way to start the year than with fresh, clean carpets? Just like a New Year’s resolution for yourself, your home needs a refresh as well. Start the year right form the ground up with a professional carpet clean. Clean carpets may not sound like a life-changing thing, but, just like when you've done a big spring clean, a professional carpet clean leaves your home fresh and deeply clean down to the roots!

If you want a fresh start to the new year and to rid your carpets and rugs of unwanted dust, sand, and other micro-organisms from the busy summer season, call your local JAE team today! 0800 225 552

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