How to Protect my Oriental Rug from Fading?

how to protect oriental rugs

We all love how oriental rugs brighten up a space and make it feel more homely. But when it comes to purchasing an oriental rug, many tend to neglect how much maintenance is required to keep your rug looking its best and lasting a lifetime. We are here to share some tips to protect your rugs and improve their longevity. 

How does sunlight damage my rug?

Over time when fabrics are exposed to sunlight, they tend to lighten and fade, causing them to lose their vibrant colours, making them look dull and lifeless. This commonly happens to oriental rugs as typically they are in areas that are commonly exposed to the sun. 

How to protect my rug against fading:

  1. Rotate rugs regularly 

The more sunlight an area gets the faster the colours will fade. Therefore, to maintain even colouring and wear around your oriental rug, it is recommended at minimum to rotate your rug every 6 months, especially if it is placed in an area that is commonly used. Giving your rug a more even appearance and helping maintain its value. 

  1. Avoid excessive sunlight 

While you may have fallen in love with where your oriental rug has been placed, it is important to make sure you limit the amount of sunlight that hits it, to help protect its vibrant colours. A couple of ways this can be done are:

  • Close drapes and blinds when possible, to minimise the chance of your rug fading. 
  • Use UV film/Low emission glass to prevent sunlight from causing damage to your rug.

  1. Use a rug protector

To help lower the chances of sun fading, talk to your local JAE experts about getting fabric protection. This will help protect your rugs against future stains, wear, and help slow down the deterioration process. 

  1. Professional cleaning

Regularly getting your rug professionally cleaned can help revive and enhance them. At JAE, we have technicians who have specialised training in cleaning rugs, ensuring that your rug investment will not be damaged by professional cleaning and is well protected. 

Can you reverse sun fading on rugs?

Once the sun fading has occurred, you do have some options to make it look bright and vibrant again. Sometimes the fibres deep in your rug still have colour, therefore professionals may be able to restore and revive its appearance. 

If your oriental rug is in need of a deep clean, give the team at JAE a call today and they will get your rug looking as good as new.

For other carpet and rug care tips, please see our articles on Laying Down the Rug Rules and Do I Need a Professional to Treat Stains.

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