flooding auckland

Flooding - Auckland, Northland

Our teams are working as hard as they can to get to everyone affected by the flooding in the North Island! Please be patient and call your insurance company.

Due to the extreme weather event in Auckland, our Auckland branches are unable to take phone calls, and experiencing some delays getting to our customers.

If you can, try to mitigate damage before our arrival:

Floods from GROUND WATER:

  • Take photos of everything
  • Remove furniture from the affected areas
  • From the affected areas only (these can pose a health risk)
  • Cut out carpet and underlay – dispose outside
  • Soft furnishing – dispose of outside


  • Please remove all furniture off affected carpeted areas
  • If you know how to remove the underlay without damaging or cutting your carpet, this can help start the drying process.

Furniture (contents)

We are unable to deal with flood affected contents at this time.  To help your insurance company:

  • Take photos of any other damaged property to help speed up the assessment and with your insurance company
  • Take pictures and make a list of any perishables you have to dispose of
  • Keep any damaged items that don’t pose a Health & Safety risk

JAE can help with floods!
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