How to get Rid of Bugs

Get rid of the bugs in your home

Getting rid of bugs such as ants, cockroaches, and flies in your home can be as simple as giving it a good clean. Bugs are all about a free meal so the crumbs and bits of food spilled in the kitchen, or anywhere else, will attract tiny unwanted guests! Always keep the kitchen tidy and make sure to wipe down surfaces after preparing food or spilling something on the bench. 

It’s been a long hot summer so far and its still going! There are so many awesome things about a good old Kiwi summer, but there’s one thing that is definitely not great – bugs! So, what can you do about bugs in your home? How do you get rid of bugs in the home? Our experts have come up with some simple tips to get rid of bugs at home.  

While it can feel like your home is becoming infested with flies, cockroaches, and ants, which can be extremely frustrating. There is a reason why these pesky insects mess with your relaxing summer, and its not just leaving out the Christmas chocolates! Insects are cold blooded so they tend to be more active during warmer months, hence why it may seem that they are everywhere around your home.  

While bug spray may be a quick and easy solution to get rid of the insects, it doesn’t prevent more from coming into your home. Read on for ways to further stop your home from being overrun by bugs.


Keep your kitchen clean

Crumbs! Yes, there’s more than one reason to keep the kitchen bench clean! Bugs are drawn to crumbs and dirt left behind in your kitchen – it’s like they can smell a biscuit crumb for 30 paces! Got cockroaches or ants? Find out more about How to get rid of cockroaches or How to get rid of ants. This is why you commonly discover a rather unwanted army of little guests have moved into your kitchen when it hasn’t been cleaned properly. Try to keep the kitchen clean and tidy and make sure to wipe down surfaces after preparing food or spilling something onto the bench. In addition, you should be emptying your rubbish bins regularly as well to further minimise unwanted bugs in the kitchen.  

Vacuum, sweep or deep clean carpets regularly

Sometimes when you are eating around the house you may drop a crumb here and there, and while it may seem insignificant to you, it is a feast to a small bug and its family. If you are leaving crumbs around the house, you are essentially inviting the bug masses to come over for an all you can eat buffet! Vacuuming regularly and keeping your floors clean is essential to avoid an infestation. A regular deep professional clean is also great at making sure ingrained food isn’t drawing in any unwanted guests.  

Damp, humid areas are a haven for bugs

While bugs are more active during the hotter months, they still require moisture and water sources so that they don’t dry out. They love a good hot and humid day and if you find you’re getting an excess of mosquitos and flies buzzing around, chances are you have a wet area nearby. Make sure there aren’t any buckets or tubs or paddling pools that have been left to go stagnant around your property as these moisture-ridden areas are a bugs haven! Having a dehumidifier running overnight can also help to draw moisture out of your home and reduce the amount of moisture-loving bugs using your home as a tropical retreat! 

Become an expert Fly Swatter!

There are many over the counter offerings out there to repel bugs. Bug repellants at the supermarket or home improvement stores are good for getting rid of bugs immediately, but they won’t stop them coming back day after day. Plus, many people don’t like the smell – even the odourless ones tend to have a bit of an olfactory residue – or the chemical aspect of many of them. And while a fly swat can be a bit of fun, they really aren’t a long-term solution! For an instant solution, fly swats and bug spray, even a bug bomb, will do the trick to keep you from tearing your hair out over the crawlies in your home (remember to remove cockroaches from the home instead of squishing them – you don’t want to release the little babies cockroaches)! For something more permanent and for peace of mind, call in the professionals!


If the bugs are driving you stir crazy or you are concerned about the amount of them, or the health hazards they might cause to you or your family, call your local JAE team and talk to one of our professionals about our Pest Control services today.

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