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post-flood pests

Pesty Floods!

The recent floods in New Zealand have left many households and businesses devastated. And post-flood pests can quickly become a nuisance! Here are some helpful tips to help you take back control of your living space.

cleaning and drying wet upholstery

How to Clean and Dry Wet Furniture

Water damage on your furniture is just one of the many mishaps life can throw at you! But fear not and don't let water damage dampen your spirits! JAE shares quick and easy solutions to get you back to your daily routine as soon as possible.

diy wet carpet drying tips

DIY Wet Carpet Drying & Restoration Tips

While you wait for the professional carpet drying team to come in with the right equipment and expertise to ensure a thorough and effective flood restoration process, here are some handy tips to help mitigate the damage to your carpets.

flooding auckland


If you are affected by the Auckland and Northland floods, please read...

white-tailed spider

White-Tailed Spiders, The Myths and The Facts

White tail spiders are venomous but not deadly, but still, we don't want them creeping around our homes. JAE shares some important facts and myths about them to help you understand and prevent an encounter with a White Tail Spider in your home.

New Zealand's most hated pests

New Zealand's Most Hated Pests!

Aotearoa is home to a variety of creatures that we adore and many we don't! These insects have a habit of bugging you – and we're here to do something about it. JAE shares some information about New Zealand's most hated creepy crawly critters and how to get rid of them. Read more.

ow to clean a caravan interior

Is Your Boat or Caravan Ready for Summer Fun?

With months of cold and wet weather, boat and caravan upholstery left untouched will definitely need some deep cleaning. Before heading out for your summer adventure, make sure to give your boat and caravan interior a good clean.

How to get rid of home odours

How to Get Rid of Home Odours

Dealing with unpleasant odours in your home can cause a lot of stress. JAE rounded up the common pesky home odours and some simple yet effective tips to get rid of them and keep your home smelling fresh and vibrant!

how to get rid of ants

How to get rid of ants!

Ants usually come into your home in search of food or shelter. One tiny crumb or food spill can lead to ants invading your home. Check these simple steps on how to get rid of ants and keep them away from your home for good.