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types of smoke damage

Understanding Smoke Damage: Types and Cleaning Methods

It is essential to clean any smoke damage in your home as soon as possible. And it's crucial to understand the various types of smoke damage to know how to clean them effectively and restore your home.

how to prevent bad smells in my house

How can I prevent bad smells in my house?

Everyday household odours are unavoidable and although they can be covered up, it is more important to know how bad smells can be prevented. Here are easy and highly effective ways to maintain a fresh-smelling home.

professional upholstery cleaning service

Is professional upholstery cleaning worth the investment?

Discover the significant advantages of professional upholstery cleaning, potential long-term savings and factors to consider when determining the value of this worthwhile investment.

how to keep a mattress clean

How to clean and remove stains from a mattress?

Have you cleaned your mattress recently? It's crucial to maintain a fresh and hygienic sleeping surface for a comfortable night's rest and to increase the longevity of your mattress. Here are some tips for maintaining a clean mattress.

professional rug cleaning before and after

Will professional cleaning cause my rug to fade?

Rugs aren't usually cheap and we all want to keep them looking as good as new for as long as we can. JAE shares some effective tips to avoid losing your rugs' vibrant colours.

New Zealand flood support JAE

We love getting feedback

We love getting feedback on how our technicians perform out on the job. It's incredibly important to us here at JAE that we take care of not only the issue or event, but also that we take care of the people involved. This letter warmed our hearts!

mould and mildew health risks

Musty Mould and Mildew – Health Risks

It's tempting to just cozy up indoors on a rainy day, but be wary of the potential consequences of water damage. The seemingly minor water issues can lead to mold and mildew growth and later pose some serious health risks.

post-flood pests

Pesty Floods!

The recent floods in New Zealand have left many households and businesses devastated. And post-flood pests can quickly become a nuisance! Here are some helpful tips to help you take back control of your living space.

cleaning and drying wet upholstery

How to Clean and Dry Wet Furniture

Water damage on your furniture is just one of the many mishaps life can throw at you! But fear not and don't let water damage dampen your spirits! JAE shares quick and easy solutions to get you back to your daily routine as soon as possible.