Start the 2020 School Year right with JAE

End of Year School Holiday cleaning

With busy hallways and full classrooms, your school may be needing a bit of TLC as the end of the year approaches. What better way to start the new school year than knowing you have a clean school in tip-top condition ready for 2020.


It’s time to take advantage of the empty classrooms and eliminate the build-up of dust and soiling that the school year may have brought. Here are the experts at JAE’s cleaning tips for schools to prepare your school for the holidays and the new school year.


Simple cleaning tips for schools


To get started with your school cleaning, start simply! Deal with the obvious like handles, keyboards, doorknobs, and any other areas that are handled often throughout the school year. Bacteria is commonly spread through touch, so cleaning these first can help prevent the further spread of germs. Disinfect and wipe them down with a microfibre cloth.


School holiday cleaning and unwanted pests


It’s easy to notice stains and soiling on big obvious spaces like floors and furniture, but it’s important to remember the small nooks and crannies throughout the classroom as well! Don’t forget to dust and clean areas like the top of cabinets and corners as they can be prone to hidden dust mites and fleas. If you find a little more than you bargained for, get ahead of the problem by bringing in some pest control experts. JAE’s pest control technicians are highly certified and will help prevent this problem from entering the new year!


Leave carpet cleaning for schools to the experts


Cleaning the floors of classroom should be done last and should be done by a professional who understands what level of cleaning schools require. Carpets, rugs, and floors should be left to last because any debris from cleaning other spaces such as desks, cupboards, shelves, and more could have gathered onto the floor. Vacuuming and a deep professional clean of the carpets and floors ensures all of this debris is removed and bacteria hiding in your carpets. Professional carpet cleaning can lengthen the life of your carpets, which is good for your schools’ budget! JAE provides careful and thorough carpet and rug cleaning services that are able to suit your needs. Have your floors and carpets looking brand new for the next school year!


Protect your school for the New Year


So, you’ve tidied the school and have invested in a professional carpet cleaning service. Why not make sure everything is spic and span – and protected. Couches, chairs, especially in staff rooms and common rooms, can also get soiled and worn over the year. Protect and clean your upholstery with a non-toxic and safe fabric protector like JAEGuard® from your local JAE team. While the hallways may be mostly empty in the summer, your upholstery can still be exposed to airborne soil and dust over this period. By implementing this barrier, not only is your upholstery further protected from wear and tear, but it minimises any need for fabric cleaning when preparing for the following school year.


Eliminate lingering odours


Cleaning is not always a visual thing! Other senses like smell can come into play. Areas such as cafeterias, bathrooms, and locker rooms are prone to sustaining an odour throughout the school year. These odours can be caused by a variety of factors and it is important to be able to identify these as it lets you know what steps to take to eliminate the problem.If you are struggling to identify these factors, JAE can assist you with their odour treatment services to not only eliminate the odour but minimise the factors that are causing it.  

Keeping these tips in mind you’re sure to have your school in top shape for the next school year. Coming back to a clean, protected, and pest-free school will make coming back after the holiday season a pleasure. Be sure to give your local JAE a call for any further advice and assistance. And, of course, enjoy your summer holidays!

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