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Rug Cleaning

From precious Orientals through to more contemporary styles, a rug is a staple piece of décor for many homes, trendy retail spaces, or even the modern office! They instantly change the ambience or aesthetic of a room, setting a specific tone for your home.


Just like carpets, rugs can suffer from the wear and tear of people, animals, and day to day life. Soil from outside, dust, small spills, these can all contribute to a tired-looking, worn, slightly jaded rug. You’d be amazed at what our highly trained technicians can accomplish with our specialist treatments and rug cleaning process! Colours come back to life, pile lifts, and all of a sudden your rug feels fresh and like-new again!


JAE offers highly specialised and delicate cleaning and stain treatments to revive and enhance most rugs. We are industry experts in Area rugs of both natural and synthetic fibres, including oriental, custom design, shag pile, flat weave, antique or nostalgic and specialty rugs. Rugs require delicate in-plant cleaning for best results. Our technicians have received specialised training in rug cleaning to internationally recognised standards.


To restore your rugs and get them looking fresh and new, we have a carefully constructed process that all of our JAE technicians strictly follow. Firstly, we use our special range of dusting vacuums that are powerful for agitating and extracting soil and debris but gentle on the fabric of the rug.  In most cases, we then place the rug in a specialised rug bath and start with a cold-water rinse. By using cold water, we avoid any dye run from the rug and to eliminate any potential for shrinkage. Our technicians use specially formulated neutralising chemicals on the rug to remove any stains or marks. An encapsulation shampoo brush technique is then used across the whole rug to remove any stubborn debris and ensure they are as clean as possible. A deep neutralising extraction rinse and controlled drying are the last steps before you will receive back your rug looking in pristine condition!

We encourage you to bring your rugs in every 12-24 months to extend their lifespan and keep your home healthy and clean. Get in contact with your local JAE branch to book in your rug cleaning

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