Meet JAE Gisborne Experts Daniel and Emma

JAE Gisborne Daniel and Emma Neilson

Market leaders in providing carpet cleaning services and flood restoration, JAE has new experts taking control of the Gisborne branch. Locals Daniel and Emma Neilson are the new owners/operators running JAE Gisborne, keeping homes healthy and happy in the area. 

Who are the Neilsons?

Daniel is a mechanic by profession and has previously worked for JAE as a technician, so he is excited about returning to the Group as an owner of a JAE branch.  With their history with the company and being backed by Daniel’s former JAE boss, Daniel and Emma decided to take up the new opportunity.

The new owners have made significant investments in carpet cleaning machines, dehumidifiers, and air movers to meet the growing need for flood restoration work in the Gisborne area.

JAE Gisborne Services:

  • Carpet cleaning 
  • Upholstery, leather and fabric cleaning
  • Rug cleaning 
  • Stain removal 
  • Odour treatments 
  • Pest control
  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Flood restoration

What makes JAE the best?

What sets JAE apart is its approach to modern and upgraded technology while ensuring quality service is provided by trained experts in the field. “The JAE Group helps each other during major flood events and has a high level of professional training that meets worldwide standards”. This ensures the client always gets the best service every time and why our vans say “We’ll Take Care of It”.

With one van in place and high demand for work, Daniel and Emma plan to employ more staff with time.

For other latest story about JAE, please read our article on Technology Across the Board.

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