How to Get Fleas Out of Your Carpet

getting rid of fleas on carpet

Fleas are tiny little pests that can be difficult to see and locate, therefore making them difficult to get rid of. Fleas can attach themselves to almost anything, and once they get in your house, they will lay their eggs and multiply on your carpet causing an infestation. We are here to help give you some tips on how to get rid of the fleas nesting within your carpet. 

Sign of fleas in your carpet

It can take weeks to deal with a flea infestation. At first, you may not even realise they are there. Sometimes you may be able to see fleas jumping in the air, but most of the time you will be able to feel them as your main sign of a flea infestation. 

How to get rid of fleas in your carpet

  1. Treat the house with a store-bought bug bomb: This will help to kill off the majority of the fleas stopping them from multiplying further. 
  2. Vacuum your carpet: This will help to get rid of flea and eggs lying on the surface of your carpet.  
  3. Use a carpet shampoo: Make sure that you find a shampoo that is safe for your carpets to prevent damage. 
  4. Call in the professionals: Sometimes the process of removing fleas from your carpet can be challenging. Getting in touch with professional Pest Control experts will help you save time and energy. 

For pet owners

While we do love our pets, they are the biggest carriers of fleas. Resulting in them typically bringing them into your home and onto your carpet. When treating your carpet for flea infestations make sure to do the following to ensure you are getting rid of them all. 

  • Wash pet bedding: fleas find it easy to hide amongst your pet beds, so you should give it a hot water wash to get rid of them. 
  • Treat and wash pets for fleas: Head to your local pet shop and grab some flea shampoo and treatment to get your pet clean and free from all the pesky fleas. 

Protect your carpet from future infestations

  • Have a dehumidifier: To ensure any left flea eggs don’t hatch within the carpet again grab yourself a dehumidifier to prevent them from hatching, as they require a warm humid environment to do so. 
  • Vacuum and clean your carpets regularly: Making sure to keep up with your regular cleaning and vacuuming habits will help eliminate the chance of fleas spreading throughout your carpet. 
  • Treat your pets for fleas: It is typically recommended to treat your pets for fleas monthly to prevent having a flea problem.

At JAE, not only do we offer carpet cleaning solutions, but we can also help you get rid of those pesky fleas dominating your carpet. If you are in need, contact your local JAE specialists today.

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