COVID-19 Update

JAE Coronovirus Update

JAE is committed to assisting and protecting New Zealand in eradicating COVID-19

The Traffic Light System and JAE

All of New Zealand will move to the traffic light settings starting at 11:59 pm on 2 December 2021. The traffic lights (COVID-19 Protection Framework) protect Aotearoa New Zealand from COVID-19 while allowing vaccinated people more freedom to move around. We strive to follow the latest health advice and comply with this framework to protect ourselves and our consumers from COVID-19 and reduce the impact of future outbreaks.

As we move into this phase of the COVID 19 levels in New Zealand, we will be following all government guidelines based on the level we are in around the country. To find out what this means for you as a customer of JAE, please read the full information at to understand the protection framework and what you need to do.

Please contact your local JAE branch for more information on the available services in your area.

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