Water Damage = Emotional Damage!

Water Damage = Emotional Damage!

When good water goes bad!

We can all imagine how it feels to walk into your home and see the floor totally saturated in water. First, you have to come to terms that your belongings may be damaged. Then, there's thinking about how and if the issue can be fixed. And if it can't be fixed, how do you replace the damaged items and how you'll pay for them. And finally, organising contractors to sort it all out. We know - it’s a nightmare!

This is why we have made our processes for Flood Restoration so seamless and simple. We try to make the entire process seamless. Our focus is to provide a fast, convenient and accessible response service to restore water affected carpets and fabrics to their original condition, wherever and as quickly as possible.

Flooding also often has the added stress of coordinating work between your insurance provider and contractor. JAE has a great working relationship with all major insurance providers to make the process easier for you. To make sure that the most effective process is taken for your specific needs, our specialists carry-out a comprehensive assessment report on the damage, which allows us to identify a restoration plan of exactly how we should utilise our innovative technology according to the flood damage in your home.

To restore your carpets and fabrics to their original condition, JAE has specialised drying equipment and technicians that are trained to industry standards in Water Restoration and Structural Drying. In most cases, we can dry on-site. If this is not possible, we will work with you and your Insurance company to find a solution that restores your property to pre-loss condition. The JAE team has the technical expertise to carry-out structural drying if the flood was viscous enough to saturate the deepest levels of your flooring.

If you ever find yourself in a situation needing flood or water damage restoration, all you need to do is give us a call. Trust us, we'll take care of it!

September 3, 2019

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