Carpet & Rug Cleaning/CareRug and Carpet cleaning


We offer a total care package that cleans, sanitises, deodorises and protects carpets. Our treatments help combat allergens from pests such as dust mites, and we offer environmentally  friendly carpet protection products.

Our technician’s use a variety of carpet cleaning methods to deliver the best results, including:

  1. Hot Water Extraction

  2. Encapsulation

  3. Dry cleaning

1. Hot water extraction

Recommended by carpet manufacturers, hot water extraction is the main method used for ‘restorative cleaning’, as it effectively lifts the pile and helps to enhance the original colours. All our technicians are trained to clean carpets to the Australian / New Zealand Standard – AS/NZS 3733:1995 which includes a recommendation that domestic and most office carpets should be restoratively cleaned once a year.

2. Encapsulation

Particularly useful for the maintenance of commercial carpets, encapsulation uses world-class chemistry that surrounds the dirt particles in a way that stops it attracting other soil. This allows the dirt particles to be released from the carpet fibre, and then be easily vacuumed up. And since there’s no dirt attracting residue left behind, the carpet stays clean longer.

3. Dry cleaning

An excellent system when used in conjunction with periodic hot water extraction restorative cleaning. Using a rotary absorbent pad, this method has low moisture and therefore dries quicker, allowing almost immediate walk on. Useful as a regular maintenance cleaning process.

AS/NZS 3733:1995 – Section 2 ‘Guidelines on carpet maintenance’

“… only hot water injection and extraction methods have so far been demonstrated to be effective in leaving minimal residues in the carpet”.The cleaning process used is recommended by wool and synthetic carpet manufactures alike.

After Cleaning Care

We offer an exclusive, environmentally friendly carpet protection product, to keep your carpets looking better, longer, after they have been cleaned. Child and Pet friendly, please ask your nearest JAE branch about this product.

Rug Care

From precious oriental rugs through to more contemporary styles, we have cleaning, protection and stain treatments to enhance and protect your rugs. Our technician can advise you what the most effective and safe cleaning method would be for each individual rug.

We have facilities at each of our branches to provide controlled drying and/or repeat cleaning for more delicate and expensive rugs. Here, we can provide specialised stain treatments and give special attention to water and smoke damage restoration.


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